Webinar on “Medical deserts”

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13. Juni 2024 | 12:30 - 13:30 Uhr

The EFPC will be hosting a webinar on “Medical deserts” How to achieve resilience of Primary Care systems to maintain service provision in low-densely populated regions?”, next 13th of June, at 12h30 -13h30(CET)by Linda Flinterman and Corinne Hinlopen.

Linda Flinterman is a biomedical scientist and epidemiologist by background. After working in epidemiology and public health in different capacities, she joined Nivel in 2014. Nivel was the lead partner in the recently concluded European project: ROUTE-HWF (A Roadmap OUT of mEdical deserts into supportive Health Workforce initiatives and policies) and is one of the contributing partners to the Joint Action HEROES (Health workforce to meet health challenges) on Health Workforce Planning.

Corinne Hinlopen is a sociologist by background who later specialized as Master of Public Health. After working in public health in different capacities abroad as well as in The Netherlands, she joined Wemos in 2014. Wemos was the lead partner in two recently concluded European projects: the AHEAD project on medical deserts (“Action for Health and Equity Addressing medical Deserts”), and the Pillars of Health project on the uneven availability of health and care workers across the European region, including health worker mobility and migration in the context of a free European internal labour market

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