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The Austrian Primary Health Care Platform

The Project 

The project “Enhancing and Funding Primary Health Care in Austria“ is part of the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). With this instrument, the European Commission aims to assist EU member states in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and in making Europe more sustainable and resilient.

The project consists of two components: enhancing the attractiveness of primary health care and providing substantial funding. These funds should be used to reinforce local healthcare provision and support innovative care models.


Budget & Duration  

A total of 100 million euros are available for this project. The project and the associated funding will run until 2026.

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Target Groups

  • health and social care professionals working in primary health care, including primary health care managers
  • founders of primary health care units and their staff
  • young professionals
  • other stakeholders in the healthcare sector


Making primary health care and general medicine more attractive and funding projects in primary health care.

  • establishing a platform for primary health care to enable continuous, structured, and nationwide knowledge exchange
  • targeted measures for rural areas
  • educational measures and trainings to improve interprofessional collaboration
  • funding of projects in primary care settings, e.g. establishment of PHCU (Primary Health Care Units), structural/technical/digital adaptations, or initiatives for social inclusion, educa-tion, and training



  • developing and publishing funding guidelines for new PHCU and projects in primary health care by the end of 2021 (milestone achieved)
  • establishing a (web-based) primary health care platform by the end of 2022, focusing on measures to enhance the attractiveness of primary health care (milestone achieved)
  • funding at least 155 projects related to primary care (including a minimum of 45 projects for the establishment of new PHCU) by June 2026

Since August 1st, 2023, when the amendment to the Primary Care Act came into effect, multiprofessional primary care has been even easier to realize.  Primary Health Care Units can be established easier and faster, in part due to changes in the founding team set-up. This amendment helps to further relieve the pressure on the healthcare system. All the information can be found under “Establishment of PVE: The new Primary Care Act comes into force”.

Mission & Vision 

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Our Mission

The Primary Health Care Platform aims to connect Austria´s multiprofessional primary health care community. It provides a space for interaction and brings the community closer together. The platform fosters both national and international networking, facilitates participatory engagement processes, and taps into the extensive knowledge and experience within the community. Through these efforts, innovative care models are promoted, and new ideas are cultivated. The overall goal is to enhance and further strengthen primary health care in Austria.

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Our Vision

We work together to strengthen the Austrian primary health care community and advance primary care in Austria. In doing so, we collectively contribute to creating a healthier society.

Agenda 2030 - Sustainable Development Goals

The Austrian Primary Health Care Platform contributes to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, in particular to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 "Good Health and Well-being" as well as to SDG 1 “No Poverty”, SDG 9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, SDG 10 “Reduced Inequalities”, SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and SDG 13 “Climate Action”.  

What does „Primary Care“ mean?

Primary care is the first point of contact for all health-related questions in the public healthcare system. In addition to treating acute or chronic illnesses, primary care supports health promotion and disease prevention in the population. The promotion of psychosocial health through appropriate care services is also central.

The overarching goal is to offer integrated healthcare from birth to old age. Primary care providers, solo general practitioners as well as multiprofessional teams of health and social professionals are familiar with the medical history and life circumstances of their patients. Together, they coordinate the ongoing course of treatment. A well-developed primary care system with an attractive range of services contributes to improving both the health status and health opportunities of the population.

What is a Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU)?

A Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) provides health-oriented basic care for the population in the respective region. This is done by a closely collaborating team of different health and social professionals. Each primary health care unit offers health services, which are tailored to the specific region and defined in the care concept of each PHCU. A primary health care unit presents itself as one single entity.


Services and Tasks of a PHCU

Primary health care units expand the range if services at the primary care level, providing new opportunities for both the population and health or social professionals. Interprofessional collaboration enables holistic care and continuous coordination of health services. Extended opening hours are not only an advantage for patients but also imply more flexible working hours for the entire PHCU team.

The tasks of a PHCU are diverse: In addition to treating acute and chronic illnesses, the special focus is also put on health promotion, prevention, and psychosocial health. The PHCU team coordinates the care process from infancy to old age.
The key features of a primary health care unit are:

  • Close to people´s homes: The PHCU is the first point of contact for all people with health-related concerns.
  • Integrative: The PHCU offers a comprehensive range of services that combines health promotion, disease prevention, and high-quality and efficient medical treatment.
  • Multiprofessional: The integrative care concept succeeds through close and interprofessional collaboration among various health and social professions.